26 novembre 2010

Poésie dans Rimouski... mais je n'ai rapporté que des tounes

Bande sonore et visuelle de Rimouski (dans un désordre terrible et l’éclectisme le plus complet)

Tegan & Sara, “Northshore”:
“Don’t feel, don’t tear, don’t kiss, don’t tear, don’t care, don’t touch, don’t save me, don’t save me don’t save me”

Vic Chesnutt, "My New Life":
“the only good thing in my new life is
that I won’t have to deal with assholes like you anymore”

Tori Amos, "Blood Roses":
“sometimes, you’re nothing but meat”

Clara Furey “Nobody knows”
Gogol Bordelo “Immigrant Punk”
Katerine “Excuse moi”

Bob Dylan, “Desolation Row”:
“Cinderella, she seems so easy”

Descendant “Suburban Home”

Lorna Vailing “Taste”
“If I could have just a moment of you
Would I be wanting more?
If I could have just a taste of you
Would I be addicted?
If I could have just a touch of you
Could I tear myself away?”

We Are Wolves “Magique”
Radiohead “Lucky”
Hole “Northern Star”
Ian Ferrier "This Fire"

Sarah Slean “Eliot”:
“I dream of Eliot but I am discrete
Cause its sometimes wise just to shut your eyes
I said I had hope
I lied”

Amanda Palmer “Runs in the family”
Nirvana “Rape Me”
Good Riddance “Weight of the world”:
“I want to know how to feel something real”

Millencolin “Olympics”:
“don’t like me
Don’t like me
Don’t you know
I’m good at nothing”

Broken Social Scene “Anthem for a seventeen year old girl”
Men ‘O’ Steel “Let It Out”
Sufjan Stevens “They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhhh ! “

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Man”:
« I got a man who makes me wanna kill
I got a man who makes me wanna die”

Skip James “Devil Got My Woman”
Jacques Brel “L’éclusier”
The Decemberists “The Mariners Song”

Lhasa “La confession”:
“Je n’ai pas peur de dire que tu m’fais peur
Avec ton espoir et ton grand sens de l’honneur
Tu m’donnes envie de tout détruire
de t’arracher ce beau sourire »

U.seed “Print Out”:
“You choose
You change
You loose
Think about it”

Keith Kouna, “Le tape”:
“j’me suis planté souvent
Dans des vaches, dans l’décor,
Tant que le tape marche encore”

The Weakerthans “the prescience of dawn”